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Recreation Centers

These four buildings, located throughout the community, are open and reservable spaces for HeatherRidge residents to enjoy. Host a gathering or a party, relax by the pool, hang out and play Billiards or Ping Pong, or appreciate the peace and quiet with a good book. The rec centers are yours! Each rec center is serviced by each individual residential association and availability will depend on the association to which you belong.

Central Recreation Facility (CRF)

The main rec center, also known as the Clubhouse, hosts several events throughout the year for residents and the surrounding community. It is also available to rent for events of your own.

Hidden Hills (HHRC)

Located in the heart of the Hidden Hills community. This space is open all year round to residents, and has two pools that are open during the late spring and summer.

Covered Bridge (CBRC)

For Covered Bridge residents, this rec center features a pool, weight room facilities, a wintertime jacuzzi and great open recreational spaces.

StoneyBrook/Cambridge (SBRC)

StoneyBrook and Cambridge, the neighborhoods with single family homes and duplexes, features a rec center with a large playground, pool, and wonderful interior spaces.