Our security department is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 366 days this year.

Though they are mostly known to residents as the friendly neighborhood watchmen who are quick to give you a wave, they are also the most helpful and the first on scene when you need them.

For immediate assistance, dial (847) 362-3255

When you call, let the phone ring. If the Officer is not in the office, your call will be automatically transferred to the cell phone carried by the duty officer. The phones in the recreation centers and at the west end of the security building are direct-dialed to the Security Department.

Recreation Center/Pool Access Keycards

Access to the pool area and Recreation Center facilities require a keycard, which can be obtained through the security department.

New and first-time keycard residents must attend a Welcoming Committee meeting (Check the calendar for dates) to receive the forms and information necessary. Proof of residency is required, and the HR Resident Rules and Regulations detail the procedures residents can follow to qualify for keycards.

Existing keycards can be replaced by the Security Department for a nominal fee to cover the card production.

Contact us or the security office for more information. Call ahead to make sure a Security Officer is available, since they have other responsibilities in neighborhood.

HeatherRidge Security Services

Contact the security department for information about these services.

  • Vehicle patrol of owner properties
  • Facility user verification as a HeatherRidge resident
  • Various emergency services
  • Vacation Watch
  • Back-up key storage
  • Pre-arranged 'let-in' service for contractors

Statistics for HeatherRidge

Coming soon: a list of crime statistics