Welcome to HeatherRidge!

HeatherRidge is an established community located in Gurnee, Illinois. Built in 1976, HeatherRidge is home to 8 neighborhood associations comprised of 956 units and one of Northern Illinois' favorite 9-hole golf courses. Our peaceful community is pleased to offer residents outstanding amenities, such as swimming pools, recreation centers, trails, tennis courts and playgrounds, in addition to world-class landscaping and property management.




Stoneybrook Residential Association members:

There is a SURVEY regarding the use of your rec center and funding in your monthly statement and in the Happenings.

If you do not have access to either please contact us to have a link or hardcopy sent to you.


HUA annual Gurnee Mayors’ meeting

Date: postponed to Tuesday, November 28th, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: CRF (Golf Clubhouse)

Reminder that Mayor Hood will be attending HUA meeting.

This is your opportunity to share your views and/or questions with the Mayor.

Residents are encouraged to submit questions or concerns to heatherridge.manager@gmail.com or call the office 1-847-816-9300 prior to the meeting.

CLICK=> Meet Your Mayor Notice Flyer


2024 HUA Budget

CLICK=> 2024 HUA Budget Cover Sheet

CLICK=> 2024 HUA Budget Letter to HUA Owners


Note to HeatherRidge Residents

Proposed facility on Manchester across from our subdivision:

Below is a link to an informational presentation to the Village of Gurnee from Suncloud Health from the Village pzb meeting. Potential new neighbor on Manchester.

August 2nd, 2023 meeting recording
COPY this link:


PICKLEBALL has come to HeatherRidge!

Two courts on the lower plaza have been converted to pickleball courts for use by HeatherRidge homeowners and their guests

Location: HR Tennis/Pickleball Courts


Free Pickleball for key card holding HeatherRidge residents and their guests (limit of 3 guests).



Meetings Schedule:

Date: meets on the second Tuesday of each month
Time: 7 pm
Location: CRF
2023 meetings schedule:

Jan 10th, Feb 14th, Mar 14th, Apr 11th, May 9th, June 13th

July 11th, Aug 8th, Sept 12th, Oct 10th

no meetings in Nov and Dec



Meetings Schedule:

Date: meets on the second Friday of each month
Time: 11 am
Location: HUA Office
2023 meetings schedule:

Feb 10th, Mar 10th, Apr 14th, May 12th, June 9th

July 14th, Aug 11th, Sept 8th, Oct 13th, Nov 10th, Dec 15th



2023 Meetings Schedule:

Date: meets on the third Tuesday of each month
Time: 11 am
Location: HUA Office

Feb 21st, Mar 21st, Apr 18th, May 16th, June 20th, July 18th

Aug 15th, Sept 19th, Oct 17th, Nov 21st


HeatherRidge NATURE CLUB

Regular Schedule:

Date: meets on the first Saturday of each month
Time: 10 am – 11 am
Location: Hidden Hills Rec Center (at 849 Wakefield Rd)

All are welcome!

Contact: for more details contact Sheila at froggiiii@aol.com or Lea at (386) 559 7895

HeatherRidge Main Clubhouse - Rental Flyer

Location: CRF, 5900 Heatherridge Dr, Gurnee

CLICK=> HeatherRidge Main Clubhouse - Rental Flyer details


HeatherRidge HAPPENINGS Newsletter ADVERTISER’S Pages available


CLICK => HAPPENINGS Advertiser's Pages Information


The TRAIL in the HeatherRidge Woods

Location: the corner of HeatherRidge Drive and Manchester/Leonard
The trail has a new branch that creates a complete looped path.
Thank you to scout Verdant Sayankar for your hard work and effort that went into this project.

The HeatherRidge Parking Policy

The FAQ Document can be viewed by Clicking Here

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