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5864 Manchester Drive
Gurnee, IL 60031-6126

Ph: 847-816-9300
Fax: 847-816-9312

Welcome to HeatherRidge!

HeatherRidge is an established community located in Gurnee, Illinois. Built in 1976, HeatherRidge is home to 8 neighborhood associations comprised of 956 units and one of Northern Illinois' favorite 9-hole golf courses. Our peaceful community is pleased to offer residents outstanding amenities, such as swimming pools, recreation centers, trails, tennis courts and playgrounds, in addition to world-class landscaping and property management.


May 2020

Next HUA Board of Directors Meeting:

Date: Thursday, May28th 2020
Time: @ 7:00PM, CST
Location: CRF (Golf Clubhouse)

Please note that due to the pandemic protocols the meeting will not be open to the public. Board members will be present but will be required to sit at separate tables where possible; masks must be worn.

**For Residents**

As the facility will only be open to board members for this meeting, you may listen to live audio on zoom. The link for the meeting is:

Topic: HUA Board Meeting
Time: May 28, 2020 - 07:00 PM CST (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
(please copy the below link to your browser):


Meeting ID: 772 9927 1315
Password: 9uPs3K

Community News:

**NEW on 3/24/2020**
Walking the Community
Even though there is a stay at home order in place, people are allowed to go out and walk. If they'd like to, residents should feel free to walk the golf course (with dogs if you'd like; please make sure to pick-up after them if you do), instead of the roads for the safety of all. If you do decide to go out onto the course, only walking is permitted - no bikes or other such type equipment as there are low spots which are very squishy. Please be mindful of the terrain and conditions; HeatherRidge cannot be held responsible or liable for injury or accident occurring on or around the golf course during this temporary pedestrian access.

(Note: that the course is technically closed and due to the governor's order, staff is generally not on site)

Please be courteous & respectful of your fellow neighbors during these trying times. Stay well & be safe everyone!

**NEW on 3/20/2020**
***Coronavirus Update from the Community Manager***

Stay at home order
Governor Pritzker has issued a stay at home order through April 7, 2020. Please be sure to review the order and become familiar with the parameters set forth. As it pertains to the HeatherRidge Umbrella Association, note that as a staff our first priority is doing everything possible to take care of the needs of the association with the resources given within the legal boundaries and health and safety constraints. As an organization, we have had ongoing discussions and planning meetings to prepare for all possibly foreseen outcomes. I feel like we have been 2 steps ahead of this the entire way today is no different. I know that you as residents do not see all that happens in our operations, but I want to take this time to commend publicly my staff and thank them for the efforts and planning put forth. While you often see and hear from me, they make this work. I'm just the voice.

To the meat of things... All staff is off site as per the governor's decree but on call. Security will conduct regular patrols as always. They will note items that are health and safety issues and notify management so that the relevant parties can address asap. Beyond that, they will respond to emergency calls only. Management is also available via email and telephone (although there are still some issues to be addressed before that is fully operational). In the meantime, Linda can be reached at heatherridge.linda@gmail.com, myself at heatherridge.manager@gmail.com and 847-816-9300 is our number. Until noted otherwise, use option 4 to reach me. Leaving messages will not be effective as we cannot retrieve them...yet. Please, please, please....emergencies only. My crawl space is flooding, my house is on fire, a tree fell on my roof. Not, there is a dog pooping or when will they cut grass.

Obviously all meeting and elections are currently deferred.

The 917 elevator project will not be delayed by this. Lead time is currently 3-4 weeks.

I will provide updates as they are available.

Thanks for your attention, and stay safe.


The New HeatherRidge Parking Policy
went into effect on Dec 1, 2019.

New HeatherRidge Parking Policy FAQs
Al and Team have had alot of great questions about the new and upcoming parking policy. To help share answers to some of the questions they've been receiving, they've put together an FAQ document on the new parking policy. The FAQ Document can be viewed by Clicking Here.