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HeatherRidge is an established community located in Gurnee, Illinois. Built in 1976, HeatherRidge is home to 8 neighborhood associations comprised of 956 units and one of Northern Illinois' favorite 9-hole golf courses. Our peaceful community is pleased to offer residents outstanding amenities, such as swimming pools, recreation centers, trails, tennis courts and playgrounds, in addition to world-class landscaping and property management.


Storm Damage Update

As I write this, the initial clean up from the F1 tornado that touched our property is just about complete. In the end, Covered Bridge Condos, Covered Bridge Townhomes, and HighPointe Condos suffered varying degrees of property damage. The Umbrella lost at least 40 trees. Luckily, I am not aware of any injuries or fatalities. Crews were onsite starting Sunday night around 10 and have removed all the hanging branches and affected trees that could not be saved. From here everything slows down a little as we work on stump removal and replacement plans. Thank you all for your patience and understanding

Lake County Waste Disposal Events

The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County holds year-round household chemical waste recycling events. This is a safe and convenient way to dispose of unwanted household waste, including over-the-counter or prescription medications at no cost to you. Upcoming events are being held on August 8th, August 15th (extra event), and August 24th, 2015.

These events are held at SWALCO's Gurnee facility, located at 1311 N. Estes Street, (847) 336-9340. Need more information? Please visit this Site.

2015 Proposed Rules and Regulations

A draft of the proposed Rules and Regulations is available for viewing. You can download the file by clicking here.